UCC Joint Board of Appeals

    What is the UCC?

    Per the PA Construction Code Act, each municipality that has opted-in to the Uniform Construction Code must have a Board of Appeals in place. Act 179 of 2012 amends the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (Act 45 of 1999, as amended) to allow municipalities that administer the UCC solely to designate a joint UCC board of appeals for their community and reverses a recent Commonwealth Court decision (Middletown Township v. County of Delaware Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals). Act 179 took effect December 23, 2012.

    CapCOG created a Joint UCC Appeals Board in 2004.  All member municipalities are invited to participate in the program.

    How do you file an Appeal?
    Requests for all CapCOG Act 45 UCC appeals must be submitted on the appropriate forms by the first Monday of the month.  The application for is available below.


    When and where are the hearings held??
    The hearings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month, as needed, in the Hampden Township Municipal Building, 230 S Sporting Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA, Room 202, at 5 PM.