Filing an Appeal

How do you file an Appeal?
Requests for all CapCOG Act 45 UCC appeals must be submitted on the appropriate forms by the first Monday of the month.  If your appeal is not in by the fifth of the month, your hearing will be scheduled the following month.


Is there a fee to file an Appeal?
Yes.  a $750 filing fee is required with the application. 

When and where are the hearings held?
The hearings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month, as needed, in the Hampden Township Municipal Building, 230 S Sporting Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA, Room 202, at 5 PM.

Who must attend the hearing?
The individual filing the appeal must attend the hearing.  You may bring legal counsel and witnesses with you.  All individuals are required to sign in whether or not they will be speaking.

How long until a decision is rendered?
Each appeal is unique and, therefore, there is not set time for which a decision will be rendered.  If the appeal is uncomplicated, a decision may be made at the hearing.  Typically, you should allow two weeks to receive a written decision.

If you have additional questions, please contact Gary Myers, Executive Director, CapCOG at or call 717-761-6211.