Salt/Deicer Bidding

CapCOG also bids Salt and Deicer each fall for our Members and Associate Members as part of our joint bidding program. The contract Period is November 1 to October 31 of the following year.  Click link below for most recent salt bid results.

2019-20 Salt Bid Results  

2019-20 Salt Bid Ordering Information  


How Does This Process Work?
CapCOG bids for salt/deicer for our municipal and associate members. By bidding larger volumes save each municipality gets the best price possible.  Additionally, municipalities save he time and resources that would be needed to initiate bids on their own.

What Do You Bid?
We currently bid salt/deicer/and magnesium chloride.

How Do Members Participate?
CapCOG sends bid packages to members September each year.  To participate, members submit their estimated quantities onthe form provided by CapCOG.  Submitting a bid amount does not obligate a member to purchase the amount indicated. 

What Happens Next?


  • compiles the total amounts for all members participating into a summary sheet
  • prepares bid packages to send to vendors.  Vendors typically have three weeks to respond to bid.
  • advertises bids and puts them on-line
  • holds a public bid opening
  • tabulates the bid results
  • notifies vendors and secures executed Notice of Award and Performance Bonds
  • notifies CapCOG members of winning bids

As with all CapCOG programs participation is voluntary.  Salt Bidding is open to all Municipal Members and included with their Annual membership.  Associate Members may choose Salt Bidding as their complimentary program when they become an  Associate Member or they may add it for an additional cost.