Who We Are

The Capital Region Council of Governments (CapCOG) was created in 1970 as the West Shore Council of Governments, changing its name in 2005 to reflect its growing membership which currently consists of 43 Boroughs, Cities and Townships located in the capital region. CapCOG is one of the largest COGs in Pennsylvania serving over 518,000 residents.

Our Mission – Promote cooperation and communication for the mutual benefit of its members.

Municipal Members

Any Borough, City or Township in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry or York counties

Associate Members

Designated as government and non-municipal entities such as school districts, other COGs, counties, etc.

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2021 CapCOG Officers

Robin Lindsey


Lower Paxton Township

Ken Martin

Vice President

Upper Allen Township


Highspire Borough

Al Bienstock


Hampden Township

Cory Adams

Past President

South Middleton Township