2020 CapCOG Surplus Equipment and Vehicles Auction

New Location!! Leaman Park, 534 Park Drive, Boiling Springs
Variety of vehicles for sale at CapCOG Auction



2020 Auction Item Submissions are due to CapCOG by June 8, 2020.  Email to [email protected].

Links to documents are provided below.

Auction Instructions  
Excel Workbook to List Items for Sale  
Vehicle Form  
Auction Checklist for Members  




Frequently Asked Questions

Who may sell items?

CapCOG Municipal Members and CapCOG Associate Members

Who may attend auction?
The Auction is open to the public.  We encourage members to promote the auction on their websites and in newsletters.  The more attendees we have at the event, the better return for our participating members.

What may be offered for sale?

Cars, trucks, vehicles of all types, office equipment and supplies, appliances and tools, computers, furniture, instruments, etc. Only flat screen monitors. NO Televisions.


Participants receive 90% of the selling price for vehicles and heavy equipment; 10% is paid by buyer and 10% retailed for expenses by CapCOG.  For all other auction items, participants receive 80% of the selling price; 20% is retained for the expenses of auctioneer, advertising and administrative costs.


CapCOG is responsible for all paid advertising. Members are encouraged to place the auction information on their websites.

Contact Gary Myers or Rhonda Campbell at [email protected] or 717-761-6211 with questions.